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"You may know me as magna"

There's never enough art in the World

There's no concept too odd or idea too outlandish for 'magnapopus'.

If it can be imagined it can be drawn!


This intrepid visionary sailed their way across the ocean from the radiant republic of Italy to reach the frigid land of Idaho USA, where Brigham Young University was founded almost one-hundred and fifty years ago. Through strife and endless combat they earning their Bachelor in Arts after five long years of training.

Now a powerful artist, 'magnapopus' provides only the tastiest and zestiest design and illustrations to the World.

A master of characterization, 'magnapopus' works as a freelance artist.
But what is a freelancer? Not a mercenary for sale, but a passionate creator eager to merge their mind with other enlightened creatures, only waiting to bring to the light their next masterpiece!

Are you be willing to bargain with me to make something beautiful or bizarre?

Contact me on my social medias now at @magnapopus or email me at!

Icons for easy access below!

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